Senior Curriculum


↑ Subject Research

↑ Gifted Education Class


↑ Japanese Class


↑ French Class

↑ Work with nearby universities to have access to their resources. 

↑ Work with nearby universities to have access to their resources. 


 1. Objective

Senior curriculum is arranged for students to enter their ideal department of the college. As long as it corresponds to students’ interest, they are supposed to be encouraged to enter any one of the department of any college. The short-term goal is to help students explore their own aptitude; the long-term goal is to promote them to be excellent and help them create a happy life. Besides, the design is based on the following rules:

(1)   The required curriculum according to Department of Education: strengthening basic subject knowledge and helping students enter an ideal department of the college.

(2)   The required curriculum according to the school: showing the educational characteristics and developing Eight Critical abilities.

(3)   The optional curriculum according to the school: helping students explore their own aptitude and developing personal styles and abilities


2. Gifted Education

      In response to constructing school various characteristics by Department of Education, Taipei City Government, and providing the opportunities of developing academic aptitude of gifted students, we founded Math and Science Gifted Education Class. In addition to fast, intensive and extensive teaching, discussion and research have been added to fulfill gifted students’ requirement for learning particular subjects. The teachers also instruct the students in math and science competitions, national science fairs, high school students’ research scholarship, MXIC Science Awards, and international competitions. Students are encouraged to participate in academic activities, including speech, visiting and camp, which are beneficial to developing academic atmosphere and professional knowledge. The research laboratories with books, journals, computers and the Internet are available to every gifted student.


3. Subject Research

      A complete procedure develops the ability to produce knowledge, from finding the topic, reviewing literature, collecting information to writing the report. The presentation is held annually, and professors from college and university are invited to give their comments, which is a precious experience for the students.


4. Adaptive Counseling and Guidance

1. Career Exploration Camp is held for the students of admission by direct in-school promotion, and the course of career counseling for freshmen can improve students’ self-awareness and understandings.

2. The introduction to colleges and universities encourages the students and their parents to visit them or college fairs. The speech for choosing a track and entering a higher school gives the students and their parents a full understanding, so that they can make appropriate choices.

3. Mental Maturity Camp improves interpersonal communication, creative thinking and problem solving abilities.

4. Psychologists and psychiatrists are invited and provide the teachers, students and their parents with counseling services of physical and mental education.

5. Gender education is promoted to develop the concept of gender equality through training, reading gender-related books and watching gender-related movies.

6. Counseling Volunteer Group helps guide the concept of mental health. The members learn and experience by serving as the volunteers of many activities, such as simulated interviews.