Junior Curriculum

↑ Math and Science Gifted Curriculum 

↑ Arts and Humanities Learning 

↑ Community introduction







↑ School-Centered Curriculum


↑ School-Centered Curriculum


1. Gifted Education

      Extra math and science gifted curriculum offers students math and science knowledge, develops experiment skills and logical thinking, maintains general capacity of science and humanity, and arouse students’ potential for independent research. Regularly held PT meetings connect parents and teachers and establish supportive guidance network. Besides, regular files, dynamic criteria and research presentation are used to observe students’ learning performance.

      Thinking Camp is held with CQ Creative Team of National Taiwan Normal University to develop creativity and problem-solving abilities. Other after-school activities include cooperative teaching with National Taiwan Science education Center and knowledge enhancement about the ecology of Guandu Plain.

2. School-centered Curriculum

(1) From knowing oneself to obeying the law

(2) From loving school to caring the community

(3) Considering both technology and environment

(4) Beautiful life of school and family

      Based on the structure above, the curricula are offered by different teachers every school year. We had:

(1)Single Field

     (a) Complex: Beautiful Life, Home Education, Gender Education, Field Trip

     (b) Sociology Field: Community Visiting, Elegance of Keelung River, Law and Society           

     (c) PE and Health: Individual Health and Sanitation

     (d) Humanity and Art: Performing Arts, Art Tour

     (e) Nature and Technology: Study on the Technology of Nanometer

(2) Interfield:

     (a) Water Resource Education

     (b) School Learning Path: Romantic Literature of Vegetation, School Plants,   Photography of Ecology