Campus Landscape


     Here, we have special campus landscape, rejuvenating lotus pond. Besides, we have well-equipped classrooms, sports facilities and creativity-inspiring space. In this part you can browse our school birds and school plants. The following are briefly introduction of rejuvenating lotus pond, well-equipped classrooms, sports facilities and creativity-inspiring space.  


Rejuvenating Lotus Pond

     The lotus pond is considered an ecological pond, which was selected as one of the finest public arts by the Council of Cultural Affairs. This artwork attracts visitors’ attention with ten clay-made “Birds of Heart”, floating on the driftwood. What’s more, the wooden path around the pond has created the dialogues between art and nature, which serves as the best recreational venue.



Well-equipped Classrooms

     State-of-the-art equipment in the computer center, audio-visual classroom, natural science labs, arts classroom, social science classroom, dance studio, shooting room, music classroom and home economics classroom.



Sports Facilities

     To strike the balance between students’ academic and physical development, school has built a track and field, table tennis room and aerobics classroom.


Creativity- inspiring Space

    The language learning corner (Japanese and French) is full of exotic atmosphere. Students often gather there, having discussions about their academic and school life. The East and West Maple Parks, where students like to linger, are also perfect space for performances.