Senior High School Student Clubs

Pop Music


Wind Instrument

Fast Dance

Blue Cross

Blue Cross


Senior High 

School Journal
Developing editing skills, including typesetting and interviewing, and publishing newspapers and journals on the school
Combining technology and the change of time, and applying creativity are the main courses.
Developing fitness and cooperation, learning superior badminton skills
Developing the ability of oral communication and roaming in the palace of drama. Let’s go! Show yourself!
Sign Language
Sign language is not static but active. You will love this way of interpersonal expression.
Pop Music
It is time for the band. The attraction lies in the solo of playing the guitar, beating of the drum and the powerful vocal. We have big stages. Welcome to join us whether you have learned.
Join us and you can fly high and enjoy the power and excitement of volleyball!
We love baseball very much!
Discussing comics and animation and their development. Welcome to join us.
Scientific Research
Combining interest and knowledge, which makes your life filled with the mystery of sky, earth and science. Besides monthly journals, we have lectures and competitions. If you are interested in science, come and join us.
Naïve Kangfu
You can be unique under the spot light, and learn through playing and working.
Fast Dance
Developing students’ interest in dance through the opportunity of performance and feeling the enthusiasm with us
Our goal is to raise the interest in basketball. Welcome to join us.
Serving community groups, participating in meaningful activities and developing cooperative activities, which improves the cooperation with peers
Shooting is not boys’ privilege. Girls are welcome to join us.
Using simple materials and making the most delicious, high-quality and convenient cuisine
Speech and Debate
Join us and see if you are eloquent!
Welcome to explore the mystery of magic.
The court is waiting for you!
Blue Cross
You should be to your heart’s content during high school life. With enthusiasm for service, welcome to join us.
English Study
Do you envy other people for the great abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing? We offer various courses to make you have fun learning English.
Dazhi School Teams
Learning singing and chorus skills. We are skillful!
Wind Instrument
Developing music talent and cultivating personalities. Learn to play a musical instrument during high school life.