Junior High School Student Clubs


 Environment Service  Wind Instrument 


Junior High

Hand-made Book
Learning how to know more about picture books and how to tell interesting stories, and making your own hand-made books with pictures and stories
Idioms and Phrases, go! Go! Go!
Explaining, comparing and collocating Chinese idioms with English ones, and learning useful and interesting English words, which makes you learn English easily
Reading and Writing
Picking the books you like from the library and writing down your thoughts, which can improve your writing abilities
Toy Exploring
Exploring games and understanding the meaning behind them
Literature Appreciation
Reading your books and sharing your thoughts in class
Learning basic ways of weaving and making useful decorations and accessories (e.g. hair ornaments, cellphone straps, puppets)
Computer Research
Searching information online, designing web pages (FLASH, NAMO), and setting goals (participating in contests, improving computer skills)
Movie Appreciation
Watching movies together and sharing thoughts
Girl Scouts
Learning the spirit of service and putting it into daily life
Environment Service
Increasing knowledge on protecting the environment and developing the enthusiasm of service by action, which puts the concept of environment protection into daily life
Establishing and promoting the five main concepts of Anti-drug Project; performing and promoting in elementary schools regularly and designing posters about anti-smoking and anti-drug; learning dance, magic and activity skills
Wind Instrument
An ensemble and subdivision course every week offered by teacher from out of school. Wind instruments include bronze wind, woodwind and percussion. Welcome students who are interested in music.
Music and Play Appreciation
Introducing and appreciating famous musicals
Instructing the main points of shooting – experiencing shooting, correcting shooting postures and competing in shooting
Tae Kwan
Experiencing the beauty of Tae Kwan and learning kicking skills, attack, defense, Tai Chi I and II, and basic self-defense skills
Boy Basketball
Learning basic basketball skills and developing cooperation from the games and the habit of exercise
Sports and Health
Knowing health and fitness, learning how to improve fitness and understanding the influence of life style of the environment
Learning tennis rules and games
Learning to act with body language, write the script and set the scene
Girl Basketball
Learning basic baseball skills and 3-3 games
Table Tennis
Focusing on fitness and footwork, and learning how to serve and receive the ball. We’ll have final contests
Training basic badminton skills as well as fitness
Instructing chorus skills, 1-2 competitions every
school year (city competition, national competition), and achievement exhibition