2021.06.10 Recruitment of DZSH Ambassadors. Welcome to Join Us!

Are you an extrovert that finds it hard for you to sit still, not having a chance to share how you feel with others?

Are you fond of chatting with foreign students and share your country's culture with them?

Are you able to respect everyone when diverse points of view collide?

Are you a responsible person that always accomplish every task on time with great quality?

If so, here's the stage for you and welcome to join us at DZSH Ambassadors!

  • Numbers of students scheduled to recruit: 10 students in 10th grade
  • When to join: Every May and June (the 2nd semester)
  • How to join: Application Form would be handed out to each class, please also stay tuned to project research office's official website for latest news
  • What we do:
  1. ​Assisting in activities relevant to rotary clubs (including school tour guide and help in other related events)
  2. Receiving faculty members or students from Sister School 
  3. Assisting in culture-exchange related activities on campus, organizing every post-event documents
  4. On-campus promotion of global issues and relevant events (during the school assembly)
  • When we gather: Noon Break on Thursdays during the semester; frequencies will be determined by the arrangement of that semester/academic year


For photos of what we've achieved from the past few years, please click here.

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