2011.06.02 Graduation Ceremony of Taipei Municipal Dazhi High School---“Memory of Shanghai: 1911.”

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Graduation Ceremony of Taipei Municipal Dazhi High School---“Memory of Shanghai: 1911.”


“1911” is the theme of Taipei Municipal Dazhi High School’s graduation ceremony this year. It is filled with the classically elegant Shanghai cinema scene, which brings us to a new and different time in the past. The decoration of the graduation ceremony shows the Shanghai cinema scene in the twentieth century--- Classical pictorials, antique red brick walls, revolving and sparkling crystal lamps, and brilliant neon signs; all of which recalls the memory to the past as the renowned actors and actresses performs.


Through the three year cultivation, the students from Dazhi have a passionate personality and a mature way of thinking; similar to the gentry and ladies’ elegant temperament. The graduate students are energetic, having the characteristics of doing the right things at the right time. Further, the theme of the Shanghai antique style simultaneously shows the styles and features of the society. In the meantime, it represents the hope of wishing the graduates to put their abilities and talents into use in various walks of life in their future. The pictorials and the decoration of the entrance of the cinema which are both designed by the association of the graduates are placed at the entrance of the graduation ceremony. Hence, each of the graduates will march into the spot with their tickets hold into their hands, having a wonderful and meaningful moment in life.


While the graduation ceremony begins, the association of the graduates greets the students and guests with the opening video film. In the film, the principal and the managers of the school transform into the members of Dazhi Club, encouraging students to confront the challenges in the future. Besides, performing in the role of a well-known singer, the principal: Mr. W. C. Hwang will show up in the group of dancers, singing the song:“Yelaixiang.”In the expectation of the students, the screen shows the unique eight essential ability prizes and other graduation prizes. As the graduation ceremony goes on, the self-made videos from each class is played on the screen, representing the graduate’s creativity. Meanwhile, the memories from the past come to their mind.

The performance from the graduate’s dancing club and music club are two of the climaxes in the graduation ceremony. Eventually, the graduation ceremony is ended up by the beautiful singing of the chorus. Moreover, the other climax is when students give their class present to the teachers. Last but not least, with the graduation song and the blessings from the guests, the graduates keep their friendship as a precious treasure and move toward their adventure in the future.

The time of the graduation ceremony:

A.M.09:00 – A.M.11:00 (Grade 9)

P.M.18:00 - P.M.21:00 (Grade 12)

The picture shown above is the admission to the graduation ceremony.






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