Hot News

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2008.11.08 45th School Anniversary and Sports Competition Draws to a Fulfilling Close Student Affairs Office 2008/11/10
2008.11.11 GLCP Project: Video Conference with Students from Pascack Hills High School Computer Center 2008/11/12
2008.11.27 Arrival of Cultural Exchange Delegation from Singapore Student Affairs Office 2008/11/25
2008.12.09 Presentation of Research Projects(High School) Academic Affairs Office 2008/11/25
2008.12.23 Science fair Academic Affairs Office 2008/12/25
2009.01.19 Closing ceremony Student Affairs Office 2009/01/09
2009 Happy Chinese New Year Principal's Office 2009/01/22
2009.02.11 Opening Ceremony Student Affairs Office 2009/02/09
2009.02.20 School Day I: Junior High School Academic Affairs Office 2009/03/02
2009.02.21 School Day II: Senior High School Academic Affairs Office 2009/03/02