Principal's office

      Mr. S. W. Lee, The 9th principal



Educational Belief

1. Education is a career of the true, the good and the beautiful.

2. The purpose of education is to develop the potential of students, and open a window for them to see the world.


School Mission

Modern school consists of technology, humanities and nature.

  1. Establish a wireless network with Internet access everywhere in campus.
  2. Plan a quality campus with both cultural atmosphere and scientific literacy.
  3. Build an efficient administrative team with knowledge management, and e management.
  4. Construct an ecological campus, strengthen environmental management and improve the learning environment.

Modern teachers should do professional development, and be optimistic and enterprising.

  1. Construct a school for refinement, and provide a platform for teachers' professional growth.
  2. Encourage teachers' professional development, and promote research for the teaching.
  3. Create the relationship between teachers with mutual respect, understanding, assistance and trust.

Modern students should have global perspective, and be brainy and brawny.

  1. Integrate the goals of multiple intelligence and the elite education to provide appropriate space for adaptive development.
  2. Provisioning excellent learning environment for foreign languages, and enhance exchanges with overseas students.
  3. Nurture students who can accept themselves, respect others and learn about career development.
  4. Bring up students as excellence civics that can encourage each other and strengthen themselves at the same time keep learning and exercising.

Modern parents are good partners involved in education with positive and multiple participating.

  1. Lead parents to participate in school development forward.
  2. Establish reasonable parental participation mechanisms, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships between parents and school
  3. Make good use of community resources to enhance community development.

Educational Objective

1. Principal’s leadership excellence breeds harmony of the team.

2. A harmonious team establishes a quality school.

3. A quality school leads the implementation of exquisite education.

4. The implementation of exquisite education fosters wholesome civics.



Running a quality school with earnest and sincerity to create a win-win cooperation among teachers, students and parents.